Year: 2019

  • schizandra health benefits

    Schizandra: Nature’s Hormone Food

    What are Schizandra berries? When it comes to hormone health, picking key foods that have multiple benefits for balancing hormones is helpful. Schizandra berry is just such a food and may be a true anti-aging food as well. In China it is known as a “five-flavour fruit,” because it contains the flavours sweet, sour, salty,…


  • Bone broth blog post

    Is Bone Broth Contaminated?

    IS BONE BROTH CONTAMINATED WITH HEAVY METALS? I love bone broth and recommend it to all clients especially those with gut health issues. Recently at my husband’s bookshop, I picked up a gorgeous cookbook written by a well known New York food writer. Her book recommends we shouldn’t make bone broth using bones because one…