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reboot your hormones WORKSHOP


Do any of these sound familiar?

So often women ask me in the pharmacy, “I feel bloated, my period is irregular. I have PCOS and infertility, brain fog and I'm so tired all the time. What can I do to help myself without taking drugs?”

You are confused and lost hope because your doctor told you there is no way to overcome your diagnosis, whether it be of fatigue, weight gain, depression, an autoimmune condition, diabetes, PCOS or infertility. You are signed off work to reduce your stress or simply put on anti-depressants for symptom relief.



Hormone Problems
1 in 6 women struggles with fertility problems, over 10% have PCOS, and millions suffer from endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, disruptive menopausal symptoms, and gynecologic cancers.


Women’s health in pregnancy can determine
whether the next generation experiences diabetes, allergies, asthma – even autism. For the first time in history, children are expected to have a shorter life-expectancy than their parents and these preventable changes start even before pregnancy.


Stress, Poor Sleep, Overwhelm
According to the Annual Stress Survey, 75% of women experience moderate to severe stress, 49% report sleep problems, millions take a sleep medication nightly or often, and over 40% of women report physical symptoms as a direct result of stress..


What if you could...

Learn a systematic approach to address your hormonal imbalances by identifying food sensitivities, environmental toxins, nutritional imbalances and skills to reduce stress with DIY acupressure, reflexology techniques and time management?

Wake up feeling rejuvenated, ready to take on the world, work a full day, sort the kids and you are still full of energy by the evening?

Eliminate migraines, have your periods back on track, conceive (if you wish) or enter the peri-menopause or menopause with ease?

Ditch the hormone contraceptive PILL and learn natural ways to manage your hormones using validated clinically tested natural contraception and charting techniques?


Reboot your hormones workshop

The only program available which teaches you evidence based skills in nutritional therapy, home herbal medicine, environmental toxins (plus recipes), DIY hand and foot reflexology and acupressure techniques PLUS stress reduction through mindfulness and effective time management.



COST: £55


Free Fitness & Kitchen Planner

Here's what you'll learn

  • Background knowledge on the key women's hormones and how they work together including sex hormones, adrenals and thyroid hormones.
  • How gut health influences hormonal health and what you can do about
  • How stress affects your hormones and effective ways to manage and reduce stress including DIY acupressure and reflexology techniques
  • How to use home herbs, therapeutic herbs and foods readily available in your kitchen to balance your hormones, support your stress and adrenal
  • How to stop those nagging sugar cravings and enjoy simple, tasty sugar balancing foods
  • The root causes of infertility and what you can do to fix it
  • How your menstrual cycles works and alternative natural fertility or natural hormone contraception techniques to the PILL
  • How to test for hormone levels and which tests to use

Over £100 worth of bonuses

non toxic home diy cleaning recipes

Save money and go eco-friendly with simple DIY cleaning recipes

essential oils for hormone balancing e-book

Learn to blend key essential oils for hormonal support

7-day hormones balancing meal plan

Simple meals which are quick to prepare for hormone balance

book now to avoid disappointment

Limited spaces available. This is the final Hormones Workshop for 2019.

This is for you if...

  • You have gut health issues and imbalances
  • Chronic stress issues leading to adrenal fatigue, tiredness and anxiety or thyroid conditions
  • You are looking for natural ways to support your peri-menopause or menopause
  • Tired of unresolved hormonal issues leading a myriad of hormone related symptoms
  • You're motivated to learn and love sharing knowledge with a network of like minded women and ready to be empowered.

This is not for you if...

  • You already know everything about hormonal health
  • Not ready to make changes or improve your health.
  • Not interested in natural medicine and ancient wisdom and would rather stick to using drugs or endless surgeries.

“Today I had the privilege of partaking in Ileana Nguyen’s Nutrition for Hormone Balancing Workshop. Ileana is extremely knowledgeable about many aspects related to health including the causes of the decline in health and ways to live in optimum health! It was fascinating to learn about the health processes of the various hormones and how they are responsible for so many facets of our well being. Ileana provided us with very simple and practical ways that we could all immediately improve our health. The food she prepared was very tasty, colorful and healthy! The workshop with Ileana was time very well spent, lots of fun and I now feel inspired to take home fresh ideas regarding health for myself and my family. Many thanks Ileana!.”

Holistic Healthcare

Hey, it's ileana here

I’m so happy to see you are about to take charge of your hormones and your health by enrolling into this workshop. 

I’m a clinical specialist pharmacist with special interest in women’s health in the areas of hormones, gut and immune health. I’ve been helping patients for 20 years from clinical hospital setting to community pharmacies and in my private practices.

I see the same common symptoms and patterns and I wish I women could have the knowledge skills and empowerment they need to take their health and hormones into their own hands.

You can balance your hormones naturally as nature intended. What you lack is the knowledge and support to do so. In my workshop you will get everything you need to move forward and be  in control of your health and happiness again. 

healthy women have healthy blood sugar levels

Learn to balance your blood sugar levels which is the first step towards balancing your hormones

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given simple steps to make simple changes which may help you to improve your hormone balance

yes of course. Getting the right support is crucial for a successful implementation and I’m dedicated to supporting you so you can see a transformation. You can join our FB group for free ongoing support and training.

Yes you will leave with plenty of handouts to support your learning including 3 digital Ebooks for non toxic DIY recipes for personal care, essential oils for hormones and a 7 day hormone friendly meal plan.

You can attend the training if you are 18 years and over and ready to learn about your hormones. Hormones is a topic we need to learn for life as it affect every stage of our lives. Having good hormone function means we can live healthier and age healthier reducing the risk for age related illnesses.

You may not see physical signs of hormonal health but poor gut health directly impacts hormonal health. You will  learn why in this course.

if you have done extensive training in hormonal health then perhaps you don’t need to attend however even professional healthcare providers have attended this training and found the information useful as we cover in depth how hormones inter-relate, going deep into detoxification of the liver and how hormones are metabolized,what affects their clearance etc. There will be plenty for your to learn unless you are already an expert.

yes absolutely. Gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia are two main complications of pregnancy. You will learn about blood sugar balancing and the role of certain minerals like magnesium and how that can help with blood sugar and high blood pressure. You’ll learn about probiotics and gut health which you can apply to yourself and your new baby as this sets the scene for future health. There are many research on the role of probiotics in pregnancy and how that affects the baby’s long term health.

yes absolutely ! we will cover hormonal support for women in menopause and peri-menopause.

“’I attended a superb one-day workshop run by Ileana In Perth, Australia and was blown away by what I learnt and took away. I already had some limited working knowledge of preventative healthcare but was shocked by what I came to realise with regards gut health and its profound effect on our general health and well-being. Ileana spoke about how healing your gut can help address a myriad of chronic health conditions including; Hormonal imbalances, Heart disease, Gum disease, Inflammatory conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Allergies & skin conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s + UC). Ileana spoke with such knowledge, depth and practical wisdom about specific nutritional protocols to support your body on the road to recovery for a number of chronic conditions with root causes connected to the gut, how to identify common toxins (harmful chemicals) in the home and personal care products and natural alternatives, healthy gluten free meals, fermented drinks, and snack recipes, common superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, gluten & dairy free foods, different types of sugars & how to use healthy sugar substitutes and blood sugar balancing to prevent and address metabolic syndrome, good fats/bad fats – what are they and how they affect the body and balancing your hormones through supporting your gut and liver. The day was packed with such critical life-health-changing information. Ileana is such a hugely knowledgeable professional – I cannot recommend her seminars or healthcare services highly enough. Her honest, practical and ethical presentation of key health factors is a must for everyone.’.”

nothing changes unless something moves

Only by taking action and making changes can you change your current situation. With the new skills and knowledge you will learn in this workshop (plus ongoing support from our FB group), you can get on top of your symptoms and re-balance your hormones without the burn out and frustration of trying to figure it out all alone.