Are you struggling with longstanding poor gut health? Do you get bloating, digestive discomfort, brain fog, skin problems, LOW energy or hormone imbalances? 

You might be enduring these symptoms while waiting months or even years for a diagnosis. How frustrating is this? Have you seen several practitioners and been put on a raft of supplements or medications while you try different diets without ever getting to the root of your problems?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING: conventional medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, nutrition, herbal medicine. Your list of supplements is as long as your shopping list. Yet you still have many symptoms and you know there’s more you can do to heal.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy buying organic foods and switching from one diet to the next hoping to find the RIGHT diet. The diets work for a short while, then the symptoms come back and you’re back to square one.

You spend a lot of time googling your symptoms, subscribing to loads of emails newsletter, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. It seems all the advice is valid but you can’t piece it all together so it connects the dots for YOU. You’re confused about what foods to eat to support your genes.

You’re not sure another course can help you. You wish someone could just provide you with some guidance. You’ve done courses and cleanses and while it sometimes helps a little, you don’t see lasting results..

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

No one has shown you all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle AND how to put it all together.

You have focused heavily on supplements and therapies which are helpful but you may have not addressed your individual genetic make up, food sensitivities, deep gut repair and make the connection between how all your hormones work and balance each other.

There are also environmental toxins that may be exacerbating your symptoms.

Your genetic make-up may mean that some of the foods or supplements that work for other people may not work for you

Imagine the Possibility

What if there was a better way?

 Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve achieved significant improvements in your symptoms.  What would it feel like to be in control of your mood and food cravings or bouncing with energy?

What if waking up feeling recharged after a restful night was the norm and you even enjoy doing the housework or take on extra baking you previously never had the stamina for?

Life is short. You don’t want to live most of your days in pain, not being able to eat what you want, and have no control over your symptoms. Don’t let your illness dictate HOW you should live your life. 

The truth is thousands of patients have overcome many chronic illnesses, even cancer… and with the right knowledge, skillset and support and comittment…you have a much better chance of doing the same. 

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


The 8-week Gut & Hormone Health Mastery
course (starts Dec 10th 2020)

This comprehensive  course upskills you in herbal medicine, bio-individual nutrition, essential oils, acupressure, life coaching/NLP psychology, culinary nutrition & fitness so you have everything you need to address the mind-body connection. You will learn 5000 year old wisdoms of Traditional Chinese Medicine + Naturopathic Medicine. A content rich course teaching practical culinary nutrition & cooking skills with a focus on using foods to support your unique genetics and healing.




8 Week Gut & Hormonea Coaching

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

holistic healthcare

Module 1

Gut & Hormone Inter-connections

What’s the relationship between gut and hormones?

Gut Health Challenge

Module 2

Female Cycle

Learn how to chart your cycle & how your hormones change throughout your cycle. 

Module 3

Oestrogen Dominance

Learn what causes oestrogen dominance & how to tackle some common oestrogen dominance conditions such as ENDO, FIBROIDS, PMT,PCOS . Learn the relationship between oestrogen & Cancers

Module 4

Thyroid Health

Thyroid related conditions & root causes of these conditions. Learn the problems with conventional thyroid testing & what to do about it

Module 5

Adrenal Health & Anxiety

Learn about adrenal hormones and how having good adrenal health is key for hormone balancing, gut, immune & overall health. Lets look at ANXIETY & Mood disorders

Module 6

Peri-Menopause & menopause

Learn how your hormones change during the peri-menopause and menopause and what nutrients you need to support your body through this process without HRT or drugs

Module 7


What are toxins & how they affect the body.. When should you do or avoid detoxes. GENETICS affecting detox pathways.

Module 8

liver detox & hormone metabolism

A deep dive into the functions of the liver and how toxins and hormones are cleared out of the body.

holistic healthcare

Module 9

Heavy Metals

Module 10 (Bonus module)

Clean Living (2 hrs)

Learn how to make your home and kitchen a low toxin and healthy environment plus time saving hacks.

Module 11 (Bonus module)

Essential Oils (2hrs)

Learn the history of essential oils, how to buy quality but affordable oils, top 10 essential oils to keep at home.  Monographs of 10 oils.

Bonuses (value £1500)


8 Week Gut & Hormonea Coaching


Bonus #1: ONE year free support inside facebook group £297

Never feel stuck, be afraid to ask questions or get the right support you need. Get support for a year from myself and your team members inside the FB group.


Bonus #2: 1 hour training on acupressure for immune, gut & hormones £67 USD

Acupressure has been used over 5000 years in China with great benefits. Learn vital acupressure points for gut, hormones and immune support.


Bonus #3: get 50 DIY natural beauty and skincare recipes £47 USD

Want to try making your own beauty products? With 50+ recipes, you can implement your essential oils training right away and save money not having to buy chemical or organic skincare. Make Xmas or birthday gifts for someone special. A taster for those wishing to start a home based natural skincare business.


Bonus 4: meal plans & recipes for paleo, keto, low lectin , aip, low fodmap diet, vegan + other food lists £97 USD

Over 100 recipes to help you eat interesting foods without upsetting your gut or throwing your hormones out of order. Plus I will teach you how to customize recipes and more culinary nutrition skills & time saving hacks in the kitchen


Bonus: #5 food lists £47 USD + 100 extra recipes £47

Food lists for PALEO, KETO, AIP, LOW FODMAP-PALEO . Don’t want to follow meal plans? No probs. With low allergen food lists, you can create your own recipes.


Bonus: #6 food diary & supplement/drug charts £47

To help you track your results, stay organized and record your nutrient, supplements and medicines intake…you get the complete list of worksheets, diaries, planners so you can write down your goals and keep track of you progress.


Bonus #7: interviews with the experts

Meet expert guest speakers who will speak about herbal medicine, mindset/psychology, charting your cycle + ditch the OCP (pills) with Napro Tech expert Fertility Care Practitioners.


Bonus #8: 10 functional fitness videos (simple 2-5mins)

Forget gym memberships. These 10 exercise videos are created by my colleague who is a pro-athlete, health coach and kinesiologist. I use it daily. It’s amazing and easy. Stay fit and active with these exercises.


Bonus #9: multiple discounts for supplements & lab testing and other products

20% lifetime discount to over 400 brands of practitioner grade supplements, £20 off DNA testing with MyDNA Health, £20 off comprehensive stool Gut health testing (BTS Labs), exercise machines from Energy For Health (, Far Infra Red saunas (from Get Fitt) + more surprise bonuses.

Plus, You'll also get

The support you will have access to.

Live Group Call

12hrs+ of live group coaching through zoom/facebook live

Facebook Group

Unlimited support via FB groups

Workbook & Checklist

Everything you need to stay organized, take action and be accountable. 

That’s a Total Value of over £1500
Your Investment today £997

Choose the plan + save when you buy in full!   PRICES IN BRITISH POUNDS


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Ileana was the keynote speaker for our pharmacists Perth Gut Health Seminar, March 2019. Ileana is professional, informative and very up to date. She highly inspired and empowers the pharmacist to further their services in their pharmacy to the community by educating everyone on the evidence-based approach to healing the gut. Her wealth of experience and knowledge was demonstrated throughout the seminar, especially the questions and answers. I highly recommend Ileana as an educator, consultant, and researcher to anyone in the field of complementary medicines, pharmacist protocols, and health-based businesses. 

rebecca chan. Pharmacist. director of body restore australia

“I met Ileana approximately 14 years ago at a Health and Wellness event. She was one of the key speakers about health and nutrition. I was totally blown away by her knowledge and understanding of the effects poor diet has on our bodies. She soon became my “go – to” person for everything that resulted in vitamins/mineral supplements and good eating habits. Her friendly, engaging manner drew me to her. I saw Ileana in her London clinic a few years later whilst I was suffering with a knee injury needed to loose weight. I followed Ileana’s nutrition protocol and used the supplements she suggested. I’m pleased to say I lost 4 kgs, I had more energy and generally felt a lot better in myself. Ileana’s integrity, sound advice and honesty are just a few of her amazing qualities. Thank you Ileana for always thinking of others, showing genuine interest and wanting to make a difference in the world. You are a remarkable woman, highly respected and I’m blessed to know you!”

tina hughes. transformation coach

”Thank you Ileana for all your endless hours that you have put into my health issues, most of which I was quick to bundle up and blame on menopause. Over a 4 month period I loved that Ileana was so quick to focus in on the root causes of my problems and always willing to offer me options, her gentle approach was always suggesting a couple of different treatments and allowing me to choose what felt most comfortable for myself. I greatly appreciated this as at times it felt very overwhelming to step up to the changes that I knew needed to happen and it was always at my own pace with Ileana’s constant support offering me her wealth of knowledge and clearly explaining why my body needed certain things to maintain its health. During this time my energy levels went from 1 to about an 8, I’m still continuing on with the tools that Ileana has given me to constantly improve my health as I know it is a lifestyle and I can’t thank her enough for the big part she has played in getting my energy levels back on track. ”

monica ennis, hairdresser. australia

‘I attended a superb one-day workshop run by Ileana In Perth, Australia and was blown away by what I learnt and took away. I already had some limited working knowledge of preventative healthcare but was shocked by what I came to realise with regards gut health and its profound effect on our general health and well-being. Ileana spoke about how healing your gut can help address a myriad of chronic health conditions including; Hormonal imbalances, Heart disease, Gum disease, Inflammatory conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Allergies & skin conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s + UC). Ileana spoke with such knowledge, depth and practical wisdom about specific nutritional protocols to support your body on the road to recovery for a number of chronic conditions with root causes connected to the gut, how to identify common toxins (harmful chemicals) in the home and personal care products and natural alternatives, healthy gluten free meals, fermented drinks, and snack recipes, common superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, gluten & dairy free foods, different types of sugars & how to use healthy sugar substitutes and blood sugar balancing to prevent and address metabolic syndrome, good fats/bad fats – what are they and how they affect the body and balancing your hormones through supporting your gut and liver. The day was packed with such critical life-health-changing information. Ileana is such a hugely knowledgeable professional – I cannot recommend her seminars or healthcare services highly enough. Her honest, practical and ethical presentation of key health factors is a must for everyone.’

‘We have been seeing Ileana for the last 8 months now and her expertise and dedication are nothing but amazing. She is always at the end of the phone or e mail to inspire and advise. Her thirst for knowledge means we are always updated with the latest news and research and hence better supplements and health. We have gained so much help and guidance through some very testing times not only dealing with acute illness but also long term health and well being for all the family. I would not hesitate to recommend Ileana to anyone I know who is wanting to improve their health or treat a condition’

‘Just wanted to let you know that we had a follow up app yesterday ref the Lymphoma. We got the results from the CT scan which is a year from the last one. It showed that the enlarged lymph nodes that were detected a year ago have actually shrunk. They were very surprised! I asked if this could be due to breast chemo and they said it was unlikely therefore it can only be all your help, the supplements and kangen water.’

katharine white

I would like to say how much I appreciated Ileana nguyen’s valuable advice after I explained about trying to find other way to reduce High Blood Pressure to normal level of 140 from 199. Since last year,I had two different problems – palpitations and High Blood Pressure. I had palpitations since I was 50, taking the tablets, prescribed by my doctor to calm down the palpitations. It was ok as I could cope with it, avoiding being over tired. it was a different matter at the age of 78 dealing with dual problem. I was given different pills by my doctor as part of experiment as to whether it would help to reduce the blood pressure. It didn’t help as it raised the blood pressure up to 190, increasing the stronger beats in my heart. I had such a difficult time coping with both pressures. It was a miracle when I came across Ileana actually rescued me from a danger zone by explaining the value of Magnessium Formula – food supplement and diet/stress management which would help reduce the blood pressure. Yes it was like a miracle as it worked effectively after taking it with food daily for only two weeks, it immediately reduced the pressure to 131 / 142. Thanks again to Ileana for saving my life as there is so much to live for. Six months down the road and BP remains within the safe range.’


lleana what can I say? Being a naturopathic practitioner and colonic hydrotherapist, I am always interested in doing CPD. So when I heard you were doing the workshop on gut health of course I had to be there! I just loved it!
I loved the handouts… I love the way you included people and specifically addressed their issues and questions… Your humour and wealth of knowledge is like a magnet to me! you are certainly my “dial- a-friend” and “go-to-girl” when it comes to anything health related from hormones, nutrition, digestion or cancer…
Your passion for teaching and improving the health of humanity is positively infectious! Please keep me informed way in advance of any future workshops that you have!  I can highly recommend them to everybody whether they are lay people or practitioners. Thank you so much again Ileana!
Love Felicity

felicity jay of colon hydrotherapist

what's your guarantee policy?

Unfortunately due to the nature of this live training + access to digital products, I cannot offer refunds. The results you get is dependent on the work you put in and advice you take from the coaching that you put into action. As you can see from our 5-day Gut health challenge, those who take actions get results. I offer a 30min FREE call to answer all your queries to see if this program is a good fit for you.


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Holistic Healthcare

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm lleana

For 21 years, I have helped patients heal holistically using natural medicine. I’m a clinical cancer specialist Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist with post grad training in herbal medicine, NLP/Life Coaching, holistic cancer coaching, essential oils plus gut & hormones health.

I’ve trained junior doctors & registrars, nurses, undergrad and post grad pharmacists over the years so I know a little about teaching. 

When you learn with me, you’re leveraging my clinical expertise, culinary skills and practical tools which I have learned growing up in rural vietnam and witnessing longevity with my grandmother and great grandmonther who lived healthily til 103 + 104yrs old (yup – no drugs!)

I’ve also travelled 20 countries backpacking..and have met amazing people, experienced  different foods and culture which I share in my teaching. 

Members of:

BOPA Oncology Pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts the week commencing the 7th December. I will inform you with specific details 1 week prior to the start date

Yes you get 1 year access the our private FB coaching group PLUS lifetime access to the recorded videos, lifetime updates + transcripts of the vidoes in PDF format.

A BIG difference. This program uses the key 5 modalities of healing which is herbal medicines, bio-individual nutrition, acupressure, essential oils & mindset coaching. We teach you to individualize your nutrition, formulate new recipes and identify toxins in every day life. We focus heavily on epigenetics, detoxification and food based healing. You will also learn about conventional ways doctors manage these conditions, leveraging my 21 years of clinical skills working within large teaching hospitals in England and Australia. Overall, you walk way with KNOWLEDGE and practical SKILLS to create yummy foods for your family, make gorgeous skincare and personal care products plus have confidence to use essential oils in food recipes plus home DIY recipes. With all the combined skills and knowledge, you can create a healing environment and hopefully heal yourself.

No I can’t guarantee results because it requires you to make the appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes. If you are unsure please email me to arrange a 30min obligation-free chat in order to see if this course is a good fit for you. I do not offer refunds as per refund policy above. Having a good attitude towards learning and the right mindset is crucial for your success. 

As per the refund policy above (scroll up) due to the nature of this course & actions required by you…I can’t offer a refund. If you don’t do the work, make the changes and invest in yourself you can’t expect miracle results and that is true of everything in life. 

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I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the 8-WEEK GUT & HORMONE MASTERY. You can email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll reply within 48 business hours. Don’t let money stop you from taking action. Schedule a 30 min call and we can create an action plan to help you move forward. Longer payment plans available.

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