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Hi. I'm Ileana, your clinical Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist

I help heart centered women & busy mums to live abundantly through optmizing gut, hormones and immune health. If you need simple step by step solutions to complex gut and hormone issues, you’re in the right place.

With over 20 years of diverse clinical experience including gastroenterology, cardiology, surgery, obs & gynae, respiratory medicine & psychiatry..you’re in good hands when you work with me. For the last 15 years, I’ve worked as a clinical Cancer Specialist Pharmacist & Holistic Cancer Coach helping numerous patients increase their odds of beating cancer with integrative medicine.

On a personal level, I’m a mum to 3 cheeky boys, love travelling (have backpacked 18 countries), cooking, making herbal remedies, DIY recipes and learning new languages.

You have been spending oodles of time googling and watching free you tube videos trying to make sense of your hormone chaos. Yet you are still confused as to how to piece it all together so you can wake up feeling energetic, ditch that sugar craving & mood swings, shed unwanted weight and be pain free.

The problem is that when you read loads of random contents, you get random pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. In order to truly heal, you need to understand the root causes of your problems and how your gut-adrenals-hormones-thyroid can all affect one another.

You have found my website not by chance. Your energy and manifestation had brought you here and I welcome your wholeheartedly.

This is where your healing begins.

my healing philosophy

Love Your Body

The first step is to love and respect your body and yourself. Selfcare and spirituality are top priorities for healing.

Get to the Root Causes

Spend time to dig deep and find the root causes – mental, emotional, stress, spiritual, environmental toxins,  and nutritional imbalances can all play a role.

4 pronged approach

I teach you to use herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, acupressure and essential oils as primary modalities for self healing

Use The Power Of Your Mind

Your subconsious and what you tell yourself daily becomes your reality. Your cells become toxic or heal based on your emotions. I teach you NLP psychology to nourish your mind & achieve your healing goals.

what's important to you?

Healing starts with your mindset. Have you created a healing mindset? If the following points resonate with you then you’re definitely in the right place and we can work well together.

Members of:
Beat Cancer.org
Certified Holistic Cancer Coach
BOPA Oncology Pharmacy

Imagine being able to finally understand how your gut and hormones work & heal, how to regulate your immune system..how your body detoxes and simple strategies you can do daily even if you only have 5-10 mins to spare. Start your day with focus not confusion. Have unlimited energy all day long to get through that never ending list of things to do ...and finally feel like your 20 year old self again (or better).

How Can I help you?

Gut Health Coaching Programs

Get to the root of your gut issues. Heal & seal your gut, beat the bloat, improve digestion, re-balance your immune system, improve your hormones and mood. Reduce inflammation & allergies. Learn fermentation to improve digestion . Check out our Gut Health Coaching Packages

Hormone Coaching Packages

Got hormone issues & adrenal fatigue? Navigating complex hormone chaos is like walking through a maze without a map. Our Hormone Coaching Packages shows you how to use specific foods, herbs, essential oils and acupressure to improve energy & reboot your hormones

Holistic Cancer Coaching

Are you diagnosed with Cancer or want to prevent cancer recurrence? This Cancer Coaching package is for YOU. Personalize your nutrition & natural medicine approach to strengthen your immune system, detox aggressive oestrogen & fortify your body to increase your odds of beating cancer.

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