Wish you could eat ANY food without feeling bloated, pain or indigestion?

Do you have hormone imbalances or a weak immune system?

Did you know that a healthy gut and microbiome are key foundations to having good health? Gut bacterias influence how we break down and detox hormones, our cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight gain, heavy metal detox. About 80% of our immune system lies in our gut.

Up to 90% of our hormones like serotonin are made in the gut, not the brain.  Studies show as much as 80% of people with IBS have some degree of anxiety. Do you see the connection here?

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gut health
I attended a superb one-day workshop run by Ileana In Perth, Australia and was blown away by what I learnt and took away. I already had some limited working knowledge of preventative healthcare but was shocked by what I came to realise with regards gut health and its profound effect on our general health and well-being. Ileana spoke about how healing your gut can help address a myriad of chronic health conditions including; Hormonal imbalances, Heart disease, Gum disease, Inflammatory conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Allergies & skin conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s + UC). Ileana spoke with such knowledge, depth and practical wisdom about specific nutritional protocols to support your body on the road to recovery for a number of chronic conditions with root causes connected to the gut, how to identify common toxins (harmful chemicals) in the home and personal care products and natural alternatives, healthy gluten free meals, fermented drinks, and snack recipes, common superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, gluten & dairy free foods, different types of sugars & how to use healthy sugar substitutes and blood sugar balancing to prevent and address metabolic syndrome, good fats/bad fats – what are they and how they affect the body and balancing your hormones through supporting your gut and liver. The day was packed with such critical life-health-changing information. Ileana is such a hugely knowledgeable professional – I cannot recommend her seminars or healthcare services highly enough. Her honest, practical and ethical presentation of key health factors is a must for everyone.’
‘Ileana, I can’t thank you enough for the incredible amount of help and advice you’ve given me with regard to gut health. You’ve inspired me so much, particularly after your extremely informative and interesting presentation yesterday, that I’ve already started to make changes which I shall continue to do in order to gain good gut health. Having suffered with major colic as a baby, taking anti-epileptic drugs from ages 3-12, anti-inflammatories for RSI for years and medication for a Hiatus Hernia for years also you’ve made me realise that my intolerance to gluten, dairy, high FODMAPs, additives & preservatives is understandable albeit regrettable. Over the past 18 months I’ve seen 2 gastroenterologists, a dietician and a nutritionist and although they’ve all helped me, for which I’m very grateful, I’ve learnt more listening to you for a few hours than in those 18 months and I’m so very grateful. I shall certainly be recommending you to others!’ Somerset, UK, 2016
Amanda Barrett
Somerset, UK

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