Previous clients’ comments and experiences

A breast thermograph revealed a problem with my left breast.  My right breast was categorised At Low Risk whilst my left breast was categorised 2 levels higher ‘At Increased Risk for a current developing pathology’.  Further investigation was advised especially with the amount of cancer in my family.

I decided to visit a practitioner I knew who used an Oberon machine and live blood analysis.  Whilst he identified issues with the left breast, it was the gut/microbiome that he said was the seat of the problems.  On a scale of 1-6, 6 being the worst, most areas of my gut scored 5 or 6.  Live blood analysis revealed poor white blood cell activity. Powerful probiotics, prebiotics and a supplement to boost my immune system were prescribed.

My Mother died of disseminated stomach cancer following breast cancer.  I knew this protocol, whilst of benefit, was not enough.  Thankfully a friend introduced me to Ileana.

Clearly, my gut needed healing, my diet adjusting (although I am a pretty healthy eater), a better immune booster and many other things.  I like the way Ileana takes a holistic view that encompasses not just the physical but the mental/emotional as well.   She also recommended books to read, other practitioners to consult to deal with different aspects etc. I came away with so much information and a clear way forward.

My friends will agree that I am a pretty disciplined and focussed person.  And, to be honest, I was scared.  But being interested in health, I firmly believe that there is a way back to health from chronic disease through a holistic approach encompassing diet, exercise, supplementation, attention to mental/emotional issues etc. Hence, I applied all that Ileana suggested and 2 months later a 2ndthermograph revealed the left breast had dropped 2 categories to At Low Risk and the Oberon machine and live blood analysis revealed a microbiome that scored normal for a woman of my age (2s and 3s with the odd 4. I am 57 years old) and my white blood cells glowing and jiggling in health as they should be.

We are now dealing with Candida in the gut – something I have suffered with all my life.  I am optimistic that, with Ileana’s guidance, I will also be able to finally rid myself of this.

I cannot recommend Ileana’s professional services enough.  I think she is a talented and effective practitioner.

Jane R

UK, Feb 2018

‘Having suffered with thyroid disease for over twenty years, feeling increasingly unwell and being told that I would have to accept living with a degree of ill health I knew I needed to find another way to treat my condition. I found Ileana Nguyen and her background as a clinical pharmacist combined with her knowledge of alternative therapies was reassuring and gave me the confidence to make an appointment to see her. Ileana’s enthusiasm and encouragement to help with my condition has enabled me to feel better than I have in the past twenty years. Any suggestions Ileana has made have been supported with evidence so I have learnt so much about my condition and how the medicines, supplements and foods that I consume impact on my body. I know I have some way to go yet but I have already come a long way and I am sure with Ileana’s help I will achieve my goals.”


Nov 2017

”Thank you Ileana for all your endless hours that you have put into my health issues, most of which I was quick to bundle up and blame on menopause. Over a 4 month period I loved that Ileana was so quick to focus in on the root causes of my problems and always willing to offer me options, her gentle approach was always suggesting a couple of different treatments and allowing me to choose what felt most comfortable for myself. I greatly appreciated this as at times it felt very overwhelming to step up to the changes that I knew needed to happen and it was always at my own pace with Ileana’s constant support offering me her wealth of knowledge and clearly explaining why my body needed certain things to maintain its health. During this time my energy levels went from 1 to about an 8, I’m still continuing on with the tools that Ileana has given me to constantly improve my health as I know it is a lifestyle and I can’t thank her enough for the big part she has played in getting my energy levels back on track. ”


Australia , Feb 2018

‘I would like to say how much I appreciated Ileana nguyen’s valuable advice after I explained about trying to find other way to reduce High Blood Pressure to normal level of 140 from 199. Since last year,I had two different problems – palpitations and High Blood Pressure. I had palpitations since I was 50, taking the tablets, prescribed by my doctor to calm down the palpitations. It was ok as I could cope with it, avoiding being over tired. it was a different matter at the age of 78 dealing with dual problem. I was given different pills by my doctor as part of experiment as to whether it would help to reduce the blood pressure. It didn’t help as it raised the blood pressure up to 190, increasing the stronger beats in my heart. I had such a difficult time coping with both pressures. It was a miracle when I came across Ileana actually rescued me from a danger zone by explaining the value of Magnessium Formula – food supplement and diet/stress management which would help reduce the blood pressure. Yes it was like a miracle as it worked effectively after taking it with food daily for only two weeks, it immediately reduced the pressure to 131 / 142. Thanks again to Ileana for saving my life as there is so much to live for. Six months down the road and BP remains within the safe range.’

Morag Rosie

United Kingdom, 2017

‘Ileana, I can’t thank you enough for the incredible amount of help and advice you’ve given me with regard to gut health. You’ve inspired me so much, particularly after your extremely informative and interesting presentation yesterday, that I’ve already started to make changes which I shall continue to do in order to gain good gut health. Having suffered with major colic as a baby, taking anti-epileptic drugs from ages 3-12, anti-inflammatories for RSI for years and medication for a Hiatus Hernia for years also you’ve made me realise that my intolerance to gluten, dairy, high FODMAPs, additives & preservatives is understandable albeit regrettable. Over the past 18 months I’ve seen 2 gastroenterologists, a dietician and a nutritionist and although they’ve all helped me, for which I’m very grateful, I’ve learnt more listening to you for a few hours than in those 18 months and I’m so very grateful. I shall certainly be recommending you to others!’

Amanda Barrett

Somerset, UK, 2016

‘I attended a superb one-day workshop run by Ileana In Perth, Australia and was blown away by what I learnt and took away. I already had some limited working knowledge of preventative healthcare but was shocked by what I came to realise with regards gut health and its profound effect on our general health and well-being. Ileana spoke about how healing your gut can help address a myriad of chronic health conditions including; Hormonal imbalances, Heart disease, Gum disease, Inflammatory conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Allergies & skin conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s + UC). Ileana spoke with such knowledge, depth and practical wisdom about specific nutritional protocols to support your body on the road to recovery for a number of chronic conditions with root causes connected to the gut, how to identify common toxins (harmful chemicals) in the home and personal care products and natural alternatives, healthy gluten free meals, fermented drinks, and snack recipes, common superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, gluten & dairy free foods, different types of sugars & how to use healthy sugar substitutes and blood sugar balancing to prevent and address metabolic syndrome, good fats/bad fats – what are they and how they affect the body and balancing your hormones through supporting your gut and liver. The day was packed with such critical life-health-changing information. Ileana is such a hugely knowledgeable professional – I cannot recommend her seminars or healthcare services highly enough. Her honest, practical and ethical presentation of key health factors is a must for everyone.’

Nicole Parker (Natural Fertilitycare Practitioner)

Perth, Australia – February 2016

“I met Ileana approximately 6 years ago at a Health and Wellness event. She was one of the key speakers about health and nutrition. I was totally blown away by her knowledge and understanding of the effects poor diet has on our bodies. She soon became my “go – to” person for everything that resulted in vitamins/mineral supplements and good eating habits. Her friendly, engaging manner drew me to her. I saw Ileana in her London clinic a few years later whilst I was suffering with a knee injury needed to loose weight. I followed Ileana’s nutrition protocol and used the supplements she suggested. I’m pleased to say I lost 4 kgs, I had more energy and generally felt a lot better in myself. Ileana’s integrity, sound advice and honesty are just a few of her amazing qualities. Thank you Ileana for always thinking of others, showing genuine interest and wanting to make a difference in the world. You are a remarkable woman, highly respected and I’m blessed to know you!”

Tina Hughes

Wimbledon, UK , 2015 “I have hosted a number of different parties in my time but can honestly say that Ileana`s Cooking Event has proved to be the most popular, so much so that I have friends asking me when can they attend the next one. Ileana, was incredibly efficient she arrived in good time to set everything up so when my guests arrived I was able to offer them a drink, so that we could listen to the presentation. It was most helpful hearing Ileana’s advice about minerals and nutrients and what we can all do to eat more healthily. We all enjoyed the practical side of the evening and were able to help with the food preparation before sampling the delicious meal. I can certainly recommend the whole experience as a fun way of learning more about nutrition whilst eating the fabulous food. Ileana recently gave me a sample of the “Sizzling Minerals” I have given them to my daughter aged 10 as I was informed that they help aid concentration. I am usually skeptical about such things but to my amazement Emily achieved her top score in a test at school the following day. We now call them her “clever juice “ !!
The Cherry Berry flavour is certainly the most popular in my house hold.”

Heather Graham

Surrey, United Kingdom, 2014

“I just wanted to say a huge think you for arranging your amazing workshops over the summer – I have learned so much and I’ve started to go over all your notes properly! I’m so glad it was an opportunity to share products and information and thank you also for enabling me to give a talk on gardening and nutrition on the last evening. I really hope people benefitted”

Dr Jean North, PhD. Biochemist/Immunologist, Organic Food Gardener, Nutritional Advisor

Somerset, United Kingdom, 2014 “I have known Ileana for several years, and we both share a belief in natural and toxin free products.
She uses her knowledge and experience as a pharmacist to evaluate and bring together the best products to meet an individual’s requirements for an extensive range of conditions.
When my husband was ill and being prescribed numerous drugs her help and advice was invaluable in removing duplication and combating the severe side effect. I am pleased to say he is now healthier and shares my gratitude to Ileana.”

Marty Turner

United Kingdom, 2014

“I can’t believe the improvement I started seeing y’day…less than 72 hours after starting the elimination/substitution, her rash is dry and starting to exfoliate. I can see a small patch of her natural skin among the rash. Tomorrow is her first day back at nursery so lets she how she goes Monday, 15 August, 2011, 3:11 AM.

One week into the change to Saff’s diet and rash has reduced by 90 % and no more rosy cheeks. I’m amazed by how quickly her skin has changed. thank you Ileana”

Angeline Jha

London, UK , 2013 Anatoli-Styf_Balance_Shutterstock